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Papers related to space-time flexibility:

P. Guillemant, C. Abid, M. Medale, "A discrete classical space-time could require 6 extra-dimensions", Annals of Physics, Vol 388, pp 428-442, 2018

P. Guillemant, C. Abid, M. Medale, "Characterizing the transition from classical to quantum as an irreversible loss of physical information”, arXiv:1311.5349 [quant-ph], 2013

P. Guillemant, “A flexible cylinder to model physical functions of consciousness”, Cosmopolis, Vol 7, juin 2013

P. Guillemant, “Theory of double causality”, Time Matters, Vol 2, pp 13-27, 2014 (english version)


Papers related to signal processing or artificial intelligence (computer vision):

M. Magnin, M. Rey, H. Bastuji, P. Guillemant, F. Mauguière, L. Garcia-Larrea, "Thalamic deactivation at sleep onset precedes that of the cerebral cortex in humans", Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 107(8), pp 3829-33, 2010.

M. Rey, H. Bastuji, L. Garcia-Larrea, P. Guillemant, F. Mauguière, M. Magnin, "Human Thalamic and Cortical Activities Assessed by Dimension of Activation and Spectral Edge Frequency During Sleep Wake Cycles", SLEEP, Vol 30, pp 907-912, 2007.

P. Guillemant, C. Abid, M. Rey " La dimension d'activation de l'EEG: une approche robuste et pertinente de la dynamique cérébrale au moyen d'un algorithme de calcul en temps réel", Traitement du Signal, Volume 22, N°1, pp 7-14, 2005.

P. Guillemant, "Uracode, un logiciel de vision industrielle robuste et temps réel", Techniques de l'Ingénieur, IN 16 - Vol 1, 2004.

J. Vicente, P. Guillemant, “Image processing steps for an automatic forest fire detector”, International Journal of Thermal Science, 2002.

P. Guillemant, J.Vicente, "Real time identification of smoke images by clustering motions on a fractal curve with a temporal embedding method", Optical enginnering Vol 40 (4), April 2001.

P. Guillemant, J. Vicente, "Analyse automatique de scènes dynamiques complexes par la méthode du plongement fractal.", Traitement du Signal, Vol 17, n°5/6, 2001.

M. Rey, P. Guillemant, " Contribution of non linear mathematics at EEG analysis ", Neurophysiol Clin, Vol 27, pp 406-28, 1997, Elsevier, Paris.

M. Rey, P. Guillemant, Y. Millet, “Evaluation of human sleep organisation using fractal running dimension of EEG “, Journal of Sleep Research, 1 :193, 1996.

P. Guillemant, E. Ulmer, G. Freyss, " 3-D eye movement measurements on four Comex's divers using video CCD cameras, during high pressure diving ", Acta Otolaryngol (Stockh), Suppl 520, pp 288-292, 1995 Scandinavian University Press.

B. Romanowicz, P. Guillemant, " An experiment in the retrieval of deph and source mechanism of large earthquakes using very long-period Rayleigh wave data ", Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Vol 74, N°2, pp 417-437, April 1984.


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